Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Building strength :)

Woohoo I have done Crossfit twice already this week :) I did the WOD on Monday and the row class today.

Mondays WOD  was 3 rounds of: 
                                             40 push press (45#)
                                             800m run
                                             40 medicine ball squat cleans (14#)
My goal was to complete it in under 45 min and I did!!! I completed it in 44:44....I really had to push myself but it was awesome when I accomplished it! 

Tuesdays Row Class: 400m row 200m run backwards
                              50 goblet squats (25# KB)
                              25 ab mat sit-ups
                              400m row 200m run forwards
                              50 box jumps 
                              25 KTE
                              400m row 200m run backwards
                              50 back squats (45# bar)
                              25 crossfit angels
                              400m row 200m run forwards
                              50 walking lunges (45# bar)
                              25 ab mat sit-ups 

I am loving Crossfit the more I go...it is amazing :) I am hoping it will help with my strength for my triathlons and hope to gain muscle and burn some fat too! But regardless its fun and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I complete a workout. I am addicted to it! Plus I am one of those girls that feels better when she sweats and I definitely do a lot of that during Crossfit. 

I have gotten away from my regular working out but Crossfit gives me more of a structure and there is someone there to push me. I will start throwing some swimming, biking and running in as I have more time :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

What a week!!

I have to brag on myself this week...I made it to two Crossfit row classes and a WOD!!! I feel like I am getting back on track with my fitness...I am cooking more meals for myself and trying to eat healthier too. Day shift definitely helps with this!

Row class Thursday... 400m row 200m run
                                   10 power cleans (65#) 50 DUs (or 150 singles) 50 sit-ups
                                   400m row 200m run
                                   8 power cleans, 40 DUs (120 singles) 40 sit-ups
                                   400m row 200m run
                                   6 power cleans, 30 DUs (90 singes) 30 sit-ups
                                   400m row 200m run
                                   4 power cleans, 20 DUs (60 singles) 20 sit-ups
                                   400m row 200m run
                                   2 power cleans, 10 DUs (30 singles) 10 sit-ups
It was probably my favorite row class...I have yet to master the DUs but maybe one of these days! I felt like I kicked butt at this row class, I don't feel like that very often...but I really pushed myself on this and felt good!

WOD Friday 7pm....I was the lone person to show...talk about intimidating...just the coach and me...and I am still new at this and trying to learn...the coach...Jen...was awesome!!!! The WOD however....HURT!!!!
It went something like this....
                Prowler sled push with 2-45# plates and 2-10# plates....for 60m
                10 burpees
                3 x through for time (1:19, 2:03, 1:55) Needless to say after round 1 I had nothing left.
Then after that...there was more...the conditioning part of the WOD...
              12 minutes non-stop
                     3 minutes hand-release push-ups
                     1 minute sit-ups
                     2 minutes hand-release push-ups
                     2 minutes sit-ups
                     1 minute hand-release push-ups
                     3 minutes sit-ups
 Keeping track of total reps...I did 225...I was pleased with that...I was just trying to get at least 150 lol so 225 was awesome!!!! It hurt....bad!!!! My abs were still burning from the sit-ups at yesterdays row class. But I did and I am so glad I went!! I am getting a little more comfortable at crossfit...there is definitely a learning curve!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Row Class :)

So after last Tuesdays row class it took my legs 5 days to feel normal again. I decided to try it again this Tuesday. Success!! Well sort of. I am defining success as being able to walk today :) Last nights row class was this : 2 rounds!
        50 calorie row
        30 burpees (EVIL)
        30 dumbell ground to overhead
        30 TTB (toes to bar...I had to modify to knees to elbows)
        30 lunges with 25# plate (R + L = 1)
        100 m sprint (let me tell you for me there was no sprint...I am just hoping it looked like I was moving)
It completely killed me, there was not a dry spot on my shirt! Ugh so sweaty!! But I loved it!!!! Today I was sore but not nearly to the extreme as last week. I have plans to go to row class again tomorrow evening. If all goes as planned I will try to start incorporating a few WODs in during the week too as time allows and possibly start TRI training again...BRANSON 70.3 SEPTEMBER 18TH!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Whoops...its been almost a month.

So first things first....my triathlon May 1st was a success...I couldn't have been more proud of myself. My swim rocked, bike...well it was decent...but I really kicked it on the run! I averaged 8:20/mile...that is fast for me, especially after a swim and bike. My total time was 1 hour 30 min and 52 seconds. I placed 10/29 in my age division, 55/226 women and 264/620 competitors.

After my tri my life starting getting crazy busy between working two jobs and switching jobs too. Also had some unexpected expenses as well as time away from the gym. With that being said I will not be doing the Ironman 70.3 in Lawrence in June...instead I will be doing the Ironman 70.3 in Branson in September. I am hoping that with it being closer to home maybe I will have more support and not be totally alone like I would have been in Lawrence. It also will give me more time to train, and I really like that idea.

On another note I went back to Crossfit today (first time in 3 weeks). I did the row class...can we say ouch!!!
     500 m row
     400m farmer's walk (with 35# KB....hold one in each arm as you walk)
     1000 m row
     40 KB squats (25# KB)
     500 m row
     40 KB swings (20# KB...yes I know...weak sauce)
     1000 m row
     40 hand release push ups
     500 m row
     40 knees to elbows
I was exhausted not too mention I ate crap food that day and had a couple sodas. I also tore up my hands pretty good too....man hands again, gotta love those calluses. I am hoping I can stay with it and do at least a row class weekly and a couple WODs a week too. Hopefully more but we will see how it goes. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh boy....less than a week!!

So behind on blogging again...

Friday (4/22) was crossfit again and it kicked my ass!!! I can't even remember everything we did but it was something like this: 800m row
             2 min plank hold
             300 jump rope
             2 min weighted squat hold
             10x sprints
             2 min weighted wall sit
             40 box jumps
             2 min spiderman hold
             20 push presses
             2 min overhead bar hold
I might have left out a few and not have them in the right order but it was something to that effect. It was hard...the squat hold and wall sit were the hardest holds for me. We also did some ab work before and that was horribly performed by me...so I need a lot more work still.

I went out of town for Easter and I enjoyed the time off and so did my body!!
Monday was a rest day for a multitude of reasons...I drove home from St Louis Sunday evening and was a little past Marshfield when I witnessed a wreck that claimed the life of a one person. It was absolutely horrible. I stopped to help and this greatly delayed me getting home. I didn't get home until 4 am so Monday morning I needed to sleep in...waking up at 11 was hard enough let alone trying to workout or anything.

Tuesday (4/26) 30 min spin bike :) Will be taking it easy this week as I have a Sprint Tri this Sunday...ahh!!! Its less than a week away...I don't feel strong enough yet and I wonder how I ever completed it two years ago with hardly any training...must have had age on my side haha! I am just hoping to finish it and not have to walk on the run!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Working two jobs plus training and trying to do Crossfit....well it is really starting to catch up with me. I have been missing a few more workouts then I would like but I still feel like I am doing well.

Monday (4/18)
I was suppose to Crossfit today, however it was just not happening this morning.....at all!!! I did manage to get my swim workout in after work though.
Swim workout = 2100 yards :)
         200 warm-up
         6 x 75 bilateral breathing/drill/swim (L arm, R arm, catch-up)
         3 x 50 kick with board
         5 x 200 swim (R15) averaged under 3 min for all 5
         200 cool down

Tuesday (4/19)
Ok a total day off....I worked 13 hours...and then work was just horrible....ran my but off and was so exhausted I had no energy left....no run today :(

Wednesday (4/20)
YAY!!!! I made it to Crossfit today!!! I was not however this ecstatic after the WOD.

Originally it was 10 rounds of :
     10 KB swings (25#)
     10 burpees
     10 thrusters (my first time ever doing these) 45# bar
     10 Gladiator push-ups
I think Mary (my CF coach) so how much all of us were struggling so she turned it into a 30 min AMRAP...I was 10 Gladiator push-ups short of completing 6 rounds! I really struggled with this WOD today, more so than any other day at Crossfit! It was mentally and physically taxing! I have been so tired this whole week and I am starting to think I might be getting sick...but I am trying to keep pushing on while at the same time listening to my body. I decided to take the evening off after work to come home and relax and hopefully get to bed early to see if that will help me out.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jello Legs!!

Today could not be described by any other words besides: JELLO LEGS!!!!

I was more sore this morning from Wednesdays bootcamp then I was yesterday! But alas I headed out this morning to do more Crossfit. One thing I have learned from Crossfit...is that there is no such thing as a warm-up. Warm-ups are just as hard as the WODs are, either that or I am just that out of shape!

So today's warm-up was 200/400/600 meter row x 2 The second time through had to be faster than the first times or else we had to do 10 burpees as a penalty. BURPEES=SUCK!!! The rowing wasn't easy by any means but I was able to beat all of my previous sets times so no extra burpees for me thank goodness!!

Now for the main set... 20 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
                                            10 wall balls (using 6# ball)
                                            10 burpees
                                            10 jumping squats
This WOD was soo hard, extremely tough on my legs especially after the rowing warm-up! I completed 5 full rounds in 20 min :) I was exhausted but mostly pleased with how I did...I know on some of the rounds my burpees could have been done faster but it was a struggle...I did pretty well with the wall balls and jumping squats. Then after the 20 min we were back on the rowers...this time the distances were 100/200/300 meters for time x 2 rounds. Once again the second rounds times had to be better then the first round, there was no way I was doing penalty burpees to end the day so I rowed my ass off! And it definitely felt like it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Oh gosh! I am so busy still that I forget to blog about my progress...ugh! Ok so Saturday I played hooky from my bike workout...I needed a day off badly! But no worries because I paid dearly for it Sunday on my attempt at an 8 mile run...it was awful!! I ran the first 4 at about an 11 min/mile pace...the last four was a completely different story...after mile 6...the walking began and I walked the last 2 miles. Despite the walking though, I did complete 8 miles in an hour and a half...so at least I got off my butt and did it right? That's what I keep telling myself at least!

This week is week 8 and is geared to be a recovery week...which I couldn't be happier about. Although there is nothing recovery about Crossfit Bootcamp sessions.

Monday was yet another bad day...I overslept...scratch that I WAY overslept. I didn't wake up until 1145, lucky for me I didn't have to be at work until 1230 that day, but I did miss Crossfit Bootcamp. I couldn't believe it, I think my body needed the rest...I am guessing I turned off my alarms instead of snoozing them. Hopefully that doesn't become a trend. Luckily though, Monday was my day off so I didn't have to so any working out after work. I forget whats it like to get off work and just come home, I kind of miss those days.

Tuesday  was 30 min run...piece of cake right?! Ugh I wish it were easy...even 30 min runs are hard for me. I don't even know if its mental or physical at this point...I think it is a combination and the run portion of my half iron man is starting to really make me nervous.

Wednesday- A good day!! Finally!!! I felt like I dominated Crossfit Bootcamp even though it killed me! We started with a warm-up 800m run followed by some ab work and 15 air squats. Then we were suppose to do AMRAP of 400m backwards run, 30 KB SDHP (sumo dead lift high pulls) using 25# KB, 20 pull-ups (mine were jumping pull-ups) and then 40 mountain climbers (where left and right leg = 1). I made it through 4 complete rounds :) The best person made it 4 and a half rounds (some guy that's in the evening group bootcamp) so I was pretty pleased with myself. It was hard though but I loved it! Then after work I did my swim of 1100 yards (I know to all my swimmer friends this is so wimpy). 200 warm-up, 8x 50 (drill/swim) drills were L arm, R arm, catch-up and zipper, 2 x 50 kick with board, 4 x 50 pull with paddles and buoy, and 200 cool down. The swim was nice and easy and I really pushed it on my 50's kick and 50's pull.

Well I really need to get the chlorine out of my hair and get some sleep. I have a 13 hour work day tomorrow and a bike workout to do.....

Friday, April 8, 2011

Finally Friday!!

Today was Crossfit Bootcamp Day 3 :) It was hard!! We warmed up with 10 min of hill sprints, sprint up the hill and jog down....was hard for a warm up!! Then came the real torture, but it was awesome, yes I know that probably makes me sound sick and twisted! For 30 min straight: 400m on rowing machine, 100m Prowler sled push (with 70#) and 100m sandbag run...I did 4 complete rounds and the 400m row and 50m of the Prowler sled push :)

After Crossfit, I grabbed some yogurt and headed off to the gym to get my swim in. It did not feel well at all to start with!! I was so tired from bootcamp, but I did get my swim in in like 40 min so I was happy! It was a double ladder workout (100, 100, 200, 200, 300, 300, 400, 400) and then 100 cool down so 2100 total yards! As I got further along in the workout it felt a lot better, I was starting to feel looser in the water and was gaining momementum on my 300 and 400 swims. I felt great afterwards!

Hoping the weather is gorgeous this weekend so I can enjoy biking and running outside :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Crossfit Bootcamp Day 2

Wednesday (4/6)
     Crossfit Bootcamp Day 2 :)
     Warm-up = sprint run work and KB swings
      30 min non-stop:
            1 KB swing (20#)
            1 pull-up
            1 burpee
        then 2 KB swing, 2 pull-up and 2 burpees....3 KB swing, 3 pull-up and 3 burpees.....etc until 30 min is up.
       I completed 14 rounds which is equal to 105 reps of each...for a total of 315 reps!
       Swim = 2050 yards
       200 warm-up
       8 x 50 (drill/swim) L arm, R arm, Fingertip Drag, Catch-up
       5 x 50 pull with buoy and paddles
       8 x 100 swim (each one 1:30 or under...R10)
       6 x 50 kick with board
       100 cool-down backstroke
       Bike - spin 25 min high gears low cadence

Felt really good about todays workouts :) Definitely one of the toughest workout days I have had in a long time...possibly ever!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Crossfit Bootcamp :)

Sunday (4/3) Ran 6 miles in 75 min....averages out to be 12 min/mile..would like to get that faster but it was 80 degrees and windy!

Monday (4/4) Crossfit Bootcamp Day 1!!! 
                       2 min at each station x 3 rounds....2 min rest between each round
                       Round 1 (154 reps)
                       Round 2 (141 reps)
                       Round 3 (77 reps...only 1 min at each station)
                       Air Squats
                       Push-ups (on knees)
                       Box Jumps (2nd round did step ups instead of jumps)
                       Wall Balls
Crossfit Bootcamp is going to kick my ass and hopefully my body will start changing too :) I really pushed myself today....my legs were still sore from running 6 miles yesterday but I made it through! Swimming tonight and then Running tomorrow.....Crossfit Bootcamp Day 2 is Wednesday :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The start of this week wasn't great at all...and as it is now Thursday, it hasn't gotten any better. I skipped Tuesday...just too much going on and yes I know excuses excuses. Wednesday I did my swim workout and Crossfit....Crossfit is freaking awesome! I learned how to do a power clean, and while its not perfected by any means I can do them! 

Swim 1800 yards
             400 warm-up
             8x 50 drill/swim (drills=L arm, R arm, Zipper, Catch-up)
             2 x 100 pull (buoy and paddles)
             5 x 100 swim
             4 x 50 kick with board
             100 cool down

Crossfit Warm-up 20 burpee pull-ups
               Strength - find 1 rep max on power cleans...I did the 45# bar :)
               Conditioning WOD
                         15 min AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
                                          9 dead lifts (using 45# bar)
                                          12 hand release push ups
                                          15 box jumps
I completed 5 rounds + 6 DL...I felt pretty good about it considering I had only done Crossfit once before and it was like a month ago. It was tough though, those hand release push-ups, I really wanted to just lay on the floor. And the box jumps, I am glad I used the shortest box, if not I wouldn't have made it. When I woke up this morning, my whole body was sore, but the good sore :) I am planning on doing Crossfit again tomorrow morning as well as my other workout stuff. This evening I will be doing my run for 50 min, let's hope I can stay mentally tough for it, that has been hard lately with everything else going on.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Miscount...Repeat Week 6

So I came to find out that I was long a week in my preparation for my Half Ironman. So I am repeating Week 6 since I didn't do well in my training anyways. So Week 6 starts off when an off day today. Hopefully I can stick with it for the next 10 weeks...thats all that's left. Kind of crazy that I have already been training for 6 weeks. Crossfit is also going to be a more regular part of my routine too.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stupid Weather

So I haven't blogged at all this week but I have done some training :) I wish the weather would have stayed nice this week so I could have done my biking and running outside.

Monday 3/21
     Swim 1600 yard pyramid (100, 200, 300, 400, 300, 200, 100)

Tuesday 3/22
     missed :(

Wednesday 3/23
     Swim 1800 yards
             400 warm-up
             8x 50 drill/swim (drills=L arm, R arm, Zipper, Catch-up)
             2 x 100 pull (buoy and paddles)
             5 x 100 swim
             4 x 50 kick with board
             100 cool down
     Bike 45 min on spin bike ... last 25 min in climbing gear

Thursday 3/24
     Run 50 min (inside on track)

Friday 2/35 and Saturday 3/26 I took off from training. My body needed to catch up on some sleep and have some time to recover. This change in weather doesn't help either. Hoping to get back on track next week. Pray that I can do it and don't start slacking off. Thanks for all your support so far :) I am surprising myself with how often I am working out.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gorgeous Sunday!!!!

The weather could not have been better today, I love spring!!! Today was suppose to be a 65 min so I ran  32 min out and it took my a little longer to run back....37 min....so a total of 69 min running. Overachiever lol :) It ended up being about 6 miles...a little slower pace then I would like but hey I ran for an hour and 9 min so I will take it :) Also threw some hills in there....Plainview hills....which are huge! Very excited about having the chance to run outside it was great!!!! And it felt soo good too!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Madness

Bike 60 min and Run 30 min....I was so glad I was able to do all of this outside today! It was a little chilly and EXTREMELY windy!!! I seriously thought I was going to be blown over on my bike a couple times! It was fun and nice to be outside and not in the gym, although the wind was treacherous! The run actually felt a lot better today...I felt like I could have still kept going which was nice! Tomorrow might be a different story...its a 65 min run day! Hoping the weather is a little nicer tomorrow :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

13 hour work days and training...

...make for a very long day. Running for me just keeps getting tougher, physically and mentally--It's extremely frustrating!! I ran for 45 min tonight at the gym track...not sure how far I ran because quite honestly it doesn't matter right now it was just a run for time and I always lose track when I try to count laps. My knee and my hip were bothering me so I am sure I was running pretty slow but I completed it...now on to tomorrow....when I only work an 8 hour day!!! Have to be sure to get my swim workout in before work since the gym will be closed by the time I get off. I need to get some sleep....so hard to go to bed early especially when I work out so late in the evening.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pants on the Ground...

Crazy crazy crazy...that is my life!!! Between working two jobs, training and moving....its amazing I have time to blog about it.

Tuesdays workout was  10 min run 5 min easy jog 25 min increased effort and then 5 min cool down run  .... It is amazing to me that my running is getting harder and harder to do...and I feel like I am getting slower too but I am doing the workouts and completing them...good thing I am not trying to set any speed records or anything.

Todays workout....

Wednesday 3/16
Swim = 1600 yards
     200 easy warm up
     100 easy kick with board
     4 x 75 (swim, drill, IM order) Drills were L arm, R arm, Catch-up and Zipper
     6 x 50 swim with paddles
     3 x 200 swim
     100 cool down
Bike 50-60 min on spin bike working on high cadence........THIS DID NOT GET COMPLETED!!! :((((( I hustled through my swim workout in order to be able to have enough time to do my bike workout before the gym closed...however once I got into the locker room to change I realized I had no pants....ugh I was so mad!!!! I hated that I had to miss my bike workout....when I got home there were my GYM PANTS ON THE GROUND :(

Here is to hoping there are no more PANTS ON THE GROUND days!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Miserable Monday

Nothing about today was good, except that I did my workout! The weather was miserable and that is how I was feeling too. But I got my swim workout in and it actually felt really good.

Swim = 1400 yards 
300 warm up
8 x 50 drill/swim (L arm, R arm, catch-up, zipper)
3 x 50 kick with board
3 x 150 swim
100 cool down

Tomorrow is an extremely long day for me...work 8a-9p...with Crossfit and running on the agenda...wish me luck :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Slacking on a Sunday

So today was a bad day....didn't feel all that great....stupid headache combined with lovely cramping and bloating...so my workout suffered today! It was suppose to be a 45 min run but I only managed to do 30 min...I keep telling myself 30 min is better than nothing...but I think if I would have been more mentally tough I could have done the full 45 min...once you find one excuse you can find a million...such as my hip was hurting, my knee was sore, I just moved yesterday, maybe I will just skip my run...but I at least ran for 30 min...hope this next week of training goes well for....Starting Week 5!!! Which means an increase in training and time and I am starting my second job...wish me luck!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday....in the Park...its not the 4th of July

Today was productive! I got 4 hours of sleep last night due to getting things ready for the big move! Woke up at 530 this morning to start moving and was done before 10!!!!! I am so excited!!! I also managed to get in both of my workouts too....all before NOON!!!! I could hardly believe it!

Swim workout was just 1000 yards continuous, so pretty easy! Then I had a 60 min bike. I really wanted to bike outside instead of sitting in the gym on the spin bike...so I did! But I think it was probably closer to 45 min then 60 min but it was soo nice to ride outside in the gorgeous weather...and guess what?! No dogs attacked me haha! That is one of my fears of biking or running outside alone.

I will say I am quite exhausted from the day but am looking forward to my run tomorrow....hopefully outside!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Almost through Week 4 :)

Wednesday (3/9) 
Swim 1300 yards
      100 warm up
       8 x 75 swim, drill, back/breast alternate
       4 x 50 kick
       2 x 100 pull
       200 cool down 

Thursday (3/10)
40 min on spin bike working on keeping high cadence

Friday (3/11)
Swim 1000 yards
      100 - 200 - 300 - 400 

Tomorrow morning is moving day!!! So hopefully I get all moved in and make it to the gym....tomorrow is swim and bike :) If anyone wants to help me move...let me know!! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back on Track

So I was out of town Fri-Sun. Then of course I was sick Saturday-well I am still not feeling well. I took full advantage of my complete day of rest Monday (this happens every other Monday) and made sure to get a lot of sleep the past few days. Yesterday was my first day back to working out since Thursday...on the agenda was an easy 30 min run...there wasn't anything easy about it, thats for sure. But I did complete it without any walking and still maintained my snails pace of 10min/mile. Today is a 1300 yard swim that I will be doing after work.
Happy Ash Wednesday to everyone. I will be giving up soda for lent this year, I am hoping this helps with my weight loss and fitness goals so let's hope I can do it!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

So I haven't blogged in a few days but I have been doing my training still. I recently got a second job on top of my full time job, so I will be a busy girl.

Monday (2/28)
Swim - 1300 yards
     200 easy warm-up
     4 x 75 (swim, drill, IM order)
     3 x 200 RI= 15 sec
     200 easy cool-down

Bike - 45 min spin working on high cadence

Tuesday (3/1)
Run - 15 min warm-up - jog easy 5 min - 15 min increased effort - 5 min cool down (was suppose to be 20 min increased effort but I ran out of time)

Wednesday (3/2)
Swim - 1300 yards
     300 warm-up
     100 kick with board
     6 x 100 RI=10sec
     100 IM
     200 easy cool down

Bike - 50 min spin working on high cadence

This next few days I might not get any of my training in. I am going out of town to St Louis and am not sure if I will be able to get them in. I will try and do some sort of activity though.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Alone

Today was 50 min run day...my favorite!!! (please tell me you can sense the sarcasm) Something about running 50 min by yourself just doesn't sound like a lot of fun, especially when you are such a slow runner like myself. But I put my headphones in and headed to Sequiota Park to run. I think I ended up running about 5 miles in 50 min...seems par for the course for me. But again, no walking today! My hips are really sore though but my knees are holding up alright, a little pain but nothing major. Tomorrow is going to be interesting I work from 8a-9p and have to swim and bike too. Hopefully I can fit it all in without having to wake up at 5am.

Night all!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ok so my first workout was cheering on the BEARS today!! Awesome game and couldn't be more proud! After the game I went to the gym did my 80 min on the spin bike and then ran for 20 min immediately after. Felt pretty good!! Tomorrow is another run day...I believe its 50min...ahh!! Wish me luck!! Oh on a side note someone called me skinny today!!!!! YAY!!!!

Almost through my 2nd Week :)

I am so happy that I have almost made it through my second week of training...doesn't seem like much but it is a milestone. I had intended to go to crossfit today but my body was telling me differently so I decided to just do my swim workout.

1300 yards
100 warm up
100 swim
r 10s
200 swim
r 10s
300 swim
r 10s
500 swim
r 10s
100 easy cool down with 50 breastroke

The swim was pretty easy although my shoulders did feel pretty sore when I was in the water. It was a fast workout and I really enjoyed that. I have had such a busy week and this weekend doesn't get any better. Hopefully I can stay on top of my training this weekend and get everything else done too!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Treadmills Suck!

So today I was suppose to run for 40-45 min with some hills...after yesterdays massive workouts I decided to sleep in and run after work. Well after work it is dark and since I have no one to run with I run inside. Unfortunately there are no hills on an indoor track so I had no other choice but to run on a treadmill and add some inclines. And tonight I just confirmed my hatred for treadmills, no matter how hard I try I always stare at the time...which sucks, makes it really tough mentally. But I suffered through it and ran for 42 min! Believe me 42 was hard, much harder than the 50 min I ran outside on Saturday. And after work tonight, I was so tempted to skip it but I drug myself to the gym and completed my run :)  Yay go me! Tomorrow morning is another crossfit day!!! I am so excited, I love that place!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wow Wednesday!

I woke up early this morning and have been like the energizer bunny. Getting up early has this weird way of making more productive time in your day, or at least mine. I had to take my brother to school this morning...then my day really started! Crossfit, swim, bike and work!!! It makes me tired thinking about everything I did today.

Let's start with Crossfit...I did my first WOD today! Spent the first 25 min figuring out 1 rep max of overhead squat---I did a wimpy 55lbs...but hey for my first time I wasn't disappointed! Then after that we had to complete 105 overhead squats...I did mine with 45 lbs for the first 15 and 30lbs for the last 90. The catch to this was everytime you brought the bar down from overhead position you had to immediately run 400m. I am not sure how many times I had to run but I completed the WOD in 21:01...I was pretty excited! Mostly that I was able to do 105 because to be completely honest...I had no idea I could even do one.

So after crossfit I went to my other gym to swim and bike.

My swim workout was 1200 yards.
     300 warm up
     6 x 50 drill/swim
     2 x 50 kick with board
     4 x 100 swim RI = 10 sec
     100 easy cool down with 50 backstroke

Then I finished up on a spin bike for 45 min focusing on a high cadence :)

Then I was off to work!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Total Tuesday

I really enjoyed Monday as a complete day off...man did I need it!

Today was just 30 min of running...I ran 3 miles...so 10 min/mile seems to be the pace for now. But hey, I am running :) It was a fairly easy run but I was out of breath at the end...I need to find some new workout music too...anyone have any suggestions...my music just doesn't seem to be upbeat enough.

Tomorrow is going to be the hardest day yet...we will see if I can accomplish it all...wish me luck!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Funday!

So I woke up this morning...11am is still morning right?...and I was so sore...my arms, abs, and legs...holy heck I think Crossfit kicked my booty! So then I took a look at the agenda today = 50 min run! Ahh!! The most I have run in the past few years is like 35 min at a time, so this was going to be a challenge. I am pretty sure I ran at a snails pace but I ran a continuous 50 min and did not walk at all! Go me!!! Tomorrow is suppose to be a day off from swim/bike/run training so I might schedule a massage and I still might go to Crossfit but we will see.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Morning and Crossfit

Well yesterday I did my swim workout which consisted of 100 easy - 1000 continuous - 100 cool down. Pretty basic but man it feels so great to be back in the water :)

Today on the other hand was a challenge. I had a late night last night, getting to sleep around 3 am...woke up at 7am to try Crossfit for the first time! Crossfit is amazing and I cannot wait to join in full force Monday. I can't even tell you how awesome it is! I might not be saying after I attend a whole week but we will see. I am definitely going to be sore tomorrow. Crossfit was a great hour workout then after that I went and rode my bike 45 min. It was suppose to be 80 min but the person I rode with couldn't go that long. 45 min is better than nothing though :)

A little more on Crossfit...our WOD today was Chelsea...which is pull-ups, push-ups and squats. I did 3-5-5 every minute for 10 min. There was more than that but it was just a first day try it to see if you want to continue class...I will be continuing!!

Most productive Saturday, fitness wise, in a long time!! I am feeling very good about myself right now for still doing all that on such little sleep! I will not be making only 4 hours of sleep a regular thing though.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week 1 is Underway

I am a little late on starting this whole blog thing. I started training for a triathlon Monday (2/14), Happy Valentines Day to me. I am following a 16 week program and this is my attempt to stay accountable. I will have before pictures too. So here is what I have done so far.

Monday (2/14) Swam 950 yards - 200 yard warm up - 6 x 50 (25 drill, 25 swim) Drills = L arm, R arm, catch-up - 4 x 50 kick with board - 3 x 50 kick on side - 200 cool down

Tuesday (2/15) Ran 35 min = 3.3 miles!!!

Wednesday (2/16) Swam 1100 yards - 200 yard warm-up - 4 x 75 (25 swim, 25 drill, 25 swim) Drills = catch-up, zipper, fist, sculling - 2 x 50 kick with board - 2 x 200 - 100 cool down
                              Bike 45 min on spin bike (working on high cadence)

Thursday (2/17) Ran 35 min = 3.3 miles!!!

So far so good, my legs are really sore though. Luckily Friday is only a swim workout, so it will be like a recovery day. Also coming up Saturday, I am trying out CrossFit...more to come!