Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jello Legs!!

Today could not be described by any other words besides: JELLO LEGS!!!!

I was more sore this morning from Wednesdays bootcamp then I was yesterday! But alas I headed out this morning to do more Crossfit. One thing I have learned from that there is no such thing as a warm-up. Warm-ups are just as hard as the WODs are, either that or I am just that out of shape!

So today's warm-up was 200/400/600 meter row x 2 The second time through had to be faster than the first times or else we had to do 10 burpees as a penalty. BURPEES=SUCK!!! The rowing wasn't easy by any means but I was able to beat all of my previous sets times so no extra burpees for me thank goodness!!

Now for the main set... 20 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
                                            10 wall balls (using 6# ball)
                                            10 burpees
                                            10 jumping squats
This WOD was soo hard, extremely tough on my legs especially after the rowing warm-up! I completed 5 full rounds in 20 min :) I was exhausted but mostly pleased with how I did...I know on some of the rounds my burpees could have been done faster but it was a struggle...I did pretty well with the wall balls and jumping squats. Then after the 20 min we were back on the rowers...this time the distances were 100/200/300 meters for time x 2 rounds. Once again the second rounds times had to be better then the first round, there was no way I was doing penalty burpees to end the day so I rowed my ass off! And it definitely felt like it!

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