Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pants on the Ground...

Crazy crazy crazy...that is my life!!! Between working two jobs, training and moving....its amazing I have time to blog about it.

Tuesdays workout was  10 min run 5 min easy jog 25 min increased effort and then 5 min cool down run  .... It is amazing to me that my running is getting harder and harder to do...and I feel like I am getting slower too but I am doing the workouts and completing them...good thing I am not trying to set any speed records or anything.

Todays workout....

Wednesday 3/16
Swim = 1600 yards
     200 easy warm up
     100 easy kick with board
     4 x 75 (swim, drill, IM order) Drills were L arm, R arm, Catch-up and Zipper
     6 x 50 swim with paddles
     3 x 200 swim
     100 cool down
Bike 50-60 min on spin bike working on high cadence........THIS DID NOT GET COMPLETED!!! :((((( I hustled through my swim workout in order to be able to have enough time to do my bike workout before the gym closed...however once I got into the locker room to change I realized I had no pants....ugh I was so mad!!!! I hated that I had to miss my bike workout....when I got home there were my GYM PANTS ON THE GROUND :(

Here is to hoping there are no more PANTS ON THE GROUND days!!

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