Friday, June 3, 2011

What a week!!

I have to brag on myself this week...I made it to two Crossfit row classes and a WOD!!! I feel like I am getting back on track with my fitness...I am cooking more meals for myself and trying to eat healthier too. Day shift definitely helps with this!

Row class Thursday... 400m row 200m run
                                   10 power cleans (65#) 50 DUs (or 150 singles) 50 sit-ups
                                   400m row 200m run
                                   8 power cleans, 40 DUs (120 singles) 40 sit-ups
                                   400m row 200m run
                                   6 power cleans, 30 DUs (90 singes) 30 sit-ups
                                   400m row 200m run
                                   4 power cleans, 20 DUs (60 singles) 20 sit-ups
                                   400m row 200m run
                                   2 power cleans, 10 DUs (30 singles) 10 sit-ups
It was probably my favorite row class...I have yet to master the DUs but maybe one of these days! I felt like I kicked butt at this row class, I don't feel like that very often...but I really pushed myself on this and felt good!

WOD Friday 7pm....I was the lone person to about intimidating...just the coach and me...and I am still new at this and trying to learn...the coach...Jen...was awesome!!!! The WOD however....HURT!!!!
It went something like this....
                Prowler sled push with 2-45# plates and 2-10# plates....for 60m
                10 burpees
                3 x through for time (1:19, 2:03, 1:55) Needless to say after round 1 I had nothing left.
Then after that...there was more...the conditioning part of the WOD...
              12 minutes non-stop
                     3 minutes hand-release push-ups
                     1 minute sit-ups
                     2 minutes hand-release push-ups
                     2 minutes sit-ups
                     1 minute hand-release push-ups
                     3 minutes sit-ups
 Keeping track of total reps...I did 225...I was pleased with that...I was just trying to get at least 150 lol so 225 was awesome!!!! It hurt....bad!!!! My abs were still burning from the sit-ups at yesterdays row class. But I did and I am so glad I went!! I am getting a little more comfortable at crossfit...there is definitely a learning curve!

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