Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stupid Weather

So I haven't blogged at all this week but I have done some training :) I wish the weather would have stayed nice this week so I could have done my biking and running outside.

Monday 3/21
     Swim 1600 yard pyramid (100, 200, 300, 400, 300, 200, 100)

Tuesday 3/22
     missed :(

Wednesday 3/23
     Swim 1800 yards
             400 warm-up
             8x 50 drill/swim (drills=L arm, R arm, Zipper, Catch-up)
             2 x 100 pull (buoy and paddles)
             5 x 100 swim
             4 x 50 kick with board
             100 cool down
     Bike 45 min on spin bike ... last 25 min in climbing gear

Thursday 3/24
     Run 50 min (inside on track)

Friday 2/35 and Saturday 3/26 I took off from training. My body needed to catch up on some sleep and have some time to recover. This change in weather doesn't help either. Hoping to get back on track next week. Pray that I can do it and don't start slacking off. Thanks for all your support so far :) I am surprising myself with how often I am working out.

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