Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh boy....less than a week!!

So behind on blogging again...

Friday (4/22) was crossfit again and it kicked my ass!!! I can't even remember everything we did but it was something like this: 800m row
             2 min plank hold
             300 jump rope
             2 min weighted squat hold
             10x sprints
             2 min weighted wall sit
             40 box jumps
             2 min spiderman hold
             20 push presses
             2 min overhead bar hold
I might have left out a few and not have them in the right order but it was something to that effect. It was hard...the squat hold and wall sit were the hardest holds for me. We also did some ab work before and that was horribly performed by me...so I need a lot more work still.

I went out of town for Easter and I enjoyed the time off and so did my body!!
Monday was a rest day for a multitude of reasons...I drove home from St Louis Sunday evening and was a little past Marshfield when I witnessed a wreck that claimed the life of a one person. It was absolutely horrible. I stopped to help and this greatly delayed me getting home. I didn't get home until 4 am so Monday morning I needed to sleep in...waking up at 11 was hard enough let alone trying to workout or anything.

Tuesday (4/26) 30 min spin bike :) Will be taking it easy this week as I have a Sprint Tri this Sunday...ahh!!! Its less than a week away...I don't feel strong enough yet and I wonder how I ever completed it two years ago with hardly any training...must have had age on my side haha! I am just hoping to finish it and not have to walk on the run!

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