Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Building strength :)

Woohoo I have done Crossfit twice already this week :) I did the WOD on Monday and the row class today.

Mondays WOD  was 3 rounds of: 
                                             40 push press (45#)
                                             800m run
                                             40 medicine ball squat cleans (14#)
My goal was to complete it in under 45 min and I did!!! I completed it in 44:44....I really had to push myself but it was awesome when I accomplished it! 

Tuesdays Row Class: 400m row 200m run backwards
                              50 goblet squats (25# KB)
                              25 ab mat sit-ups
                              400m row 200m run forwards
                              50 box jumps 
                              25 KTE
                              400m row 200m run backwards
                              50 back squats (45# bar)
                              25 crossfit angels
                              400m row 200m run forwards
                              50 walking lunges (45# bar)
                              25 ab mat sit-ups 

I am loving Crossfit the more I go...it is amazing :) I am hoping it will help with my strength for my triathlons and hope to gain muscle and burn some fat too! But regardless its fun and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I complete a workout. I am addicted to it! Plus I am one of those girls that feels better when she sweats and I definitely do a lot of that during Crossfit. 

I have gotten away from my regular working out but Crossfit gives me more of a structure and there is someone there to push me. I will start throwing some swimming, biking and running in as I have more time :)

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