Thursday, February 24, 2011

Treadmills Suck!

So today I was suppose to run for 40-45 min with some hills...after yesterdays massive workouts I decided to sleep in and run after work. Well after work it is dark and since I have no one to run with I run inside. Unfortunately there are no hills on an indoor track so I had no other choice but to run on a treadmill and add some inclines. And tonight I just confirmed my hatred for treadmills, no matter how hard I try I always stare at the time...which sucks, makes it really tough mentally. But I suffered through it and ran for 42 min! Believe me 42 was hard, much harder than the 50 min I ran outside on Saturday. And after work tonight, I was so tempted to skip it but I drug myself to the gym and completed my run :)  Yay go me! Tomorrow morning is another crossfit day!!! I am so excited, I love that place!

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