Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Working two jobs plus training and trying to do Crossfit....well it is really starting to catch up with me. I have been missing a few more workouts then I would like but I still feel like I am doing well.

Monday (4/18)
I was suppose to Crossfit today, however it was just not happening this all!!! I did manage to get my swim workout in after work though.
Swim workout = 2100 yards :)
         200 warm-up
         6 x 75 bilateral breathing/drill/swim (L arm, R arm, catch-up)
         3 x 50 kick with board
         5 x 200 swim (R15) averaged under 3 min for all 5
         200 cool down

Tuesday (4/19)
Ok a total day off....I worked 13 hours...and then work was just horrible....ran my but off and was so exhausted I had no energy run today :(

Wednesday (4/20)
YAY!!!! I made it to Crossfit today!!! I was not however this ecstatic after the WOD.

Originally it was 10 rounds of :
     10 KB swings (25#)
     10 burpees
     10 thrusters (my first time ever doing these) 45# bar
     10 Gladiator push-ups
I think Mary (my CF coach) so how much all of us were struggling so she turned it into a 30 min AMRAP...I was 10 Gladiator push-ups short of completing 6 rounds! I really struggled with this WOD today, more so than any other day at Crossfit! It was mentally and physically taxing! I have been so tired this whole week and I am starting to think I might be getting sick...but I am trying to keep pushing on while at the same time listening to my body. I decided to take the evening off after work to come home and relax and hopefully get to bed early to see if that will help me out.


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