Monday, April 4, 2011

Crossfit Bootcamp :)

Sunday (4/3) Ran 6 miles in 75 min....averages out to be 12 min/mile..would like to get that faster but it was 80 degrees and windy!

Monday (4/4) Crossfit Bootcamp Day 1!!! 
                       2 min at each station x 3 rounds....2 min rest between each round
                       Round 1 (154 reps)
                       Round 2 (141 reps)
                       Round 3 (77 reps...only 1 min at each station)
                       Air Squats
                       Push-ups (on knees)
                       Box Jumps (2nd round did step ups instead of jumps)
                       Wall Balls
Crossfit Bootcamp is going to kick my ass and hopefully my body will start changing too :) I really pushed myself legs were still sore from running 6 miles yesterday but I made it through! Swimming tonight and then Running tomorrow.....Crossfit Bootcamp Day 2 is Wednesday :)

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