Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Row Class :)

So after last Tuesdays row class it took my legs 5 days to feel normal again. I decided to try it again this Tuesday. Success!! Well sort of. I am defining success as being able to walk today :) Last nights row class was this : 2 rounds!
        50 calorie row
        30 burpees (EVIL)
        30 dumbell ground to overhead
        30 TTB (toes to bar...I had to modify to knees to elbows)
        30 lunges with 25# plate (R + L = 1)
        100 m sprint (let me tell you for me there was no sprint...I am just hoping it looked like I was moving)
It completely killed me, there was not a dry spot on my shirt! Ugh so sweaty!! But I loved it!!!! Today I was sore but not nearly to the extreme as last week. I have plans to go to row class again tomorrow evening. If all goes as planned I will try to start incorporating a few WODs in during the week too as time allows and possibly start TRI training again...BRANSON 70.3 SEPTEMBER 18TH!

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