Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Alone

Today was 50 min run favorite!!! (please tell me you can sense the sarcasm) Something about running 50 min by yourself just doesn't sound like a lot of fun, especially when you are such a slow runner like myself. But I put my headphones in and headed to Sequiota Park to run. I think I ended up running about 5 miles in 50 min...seems par for the course for me. But again, no walking today! My hips are really sore though but my knees are holding up alright, a little pain but nothing major. Tomorrow is going to be interesting I work from 8a-9p and have to swim and bike too. Hopefully I can fit it all in without having to wake up at 5am.

Night all!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ok so my first workout was cheering on the BEARS today!! Awesome game and couldn't be more proud! After the game I went to the gym did my 80 min on the spin bike and then ran for 20 min immediately after. Felt pretty good!! Tomorrow is another run day...I believe its 50min...ahh!! Wish me luck!! Oh on a side note someone called me skinny today!!!!! YAY!!!!

Almost through my 2nd Week :)

I am so happy that I have almost made it through my second week of training...doesn't seem like much but it is a milestone. I had intended to go to crossfit today but my body was telling me differently so I decided to just do my swim workout.

1300 yards
100 warm up
100 swim
r 10s
200 swim
r 10s
300 swim
r 10s
500 swim
r 10s
100 easy cool down with 50 breastroke

The swim was pretty easy although my shoulders did feel pretty sore when I was in the water. It was a fast workout and I really enjoyed that. I have had such a busy week and this weekend doesn't get any better. Hopefully I can stay on top of my training this weekend and get everything else done too!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Treadmills Suck!

So today I was suppose to run for 40-45 min with some hills...after yesterdays massive workouts I decided to sleep in and run after work. Well after work it is dark and since I have no one to run with I run inside. Unfortunately there are no hills on an indoor track so I had no other choice but to run on a treadmill and add some inclines. And tonight I just confirmed my hatred for treadmills, no matter how hard I try I always stare at the time...which sucks, makes it really tough mentally. But I suffered through it and ran for 42 min! Believe me 42 was hard, much harder than the 50 min I ran outside on Saturday. And after work tonight, I was so tempted to skip it but I drug myself to the gym and completed my run :)  Yay go me! Tomorrow morning is another crossfit day!!! I am so excited, I love that place!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wow Wednesday!

I woke up early this morning and have been like the energizer bunny. Getting up early has this weird way of making more productive time in your day, or at least mine. I had to take my brother to school this morning...then my day really started! Crossfit, swim, bike and work!!! It makes me tired thinking about everything I did today.

Let's start with Crossfit...I did my first WOD today! Spent the first 25 min figuring out 1 rep max of overhead squat---I did a wimpy 55lbs...but hey for my first time I wasn't disappointed! Then after that we had to complete 105 overhead squats...I did mine with 45 lbs for the first 15 and 30lbs for the last 90. The catch to this was everytime you brought the bar down from overhead position you had to immediately run 400m. I am not sure how many times I had to run but I completed the WOD in 21:01...I was pretty excited! Mostly that I was able to do 105 because to be completely honest...I had no idea I could even do one.

So after crossfit I went to my other gym to swim and bike.

My swim workout was 1200 yards.
     300 warm up
     6 x 50 drill/swim
     2 x 50 kick with board
     4 x 100 swim RI = 10 sec
     100 easy cool down with 50 backstroke

Then I finished up on a spin bike for 45 min focusing on a high cadence :)

Then I was off to work!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Total Tuesday

I really enjoyed Monday as a complete day did I need it!

Today was just 30 min of running...I ran 3 10 min/mile seems to be the pace for now. But hey, I am running :) It was a fairly easy run but I was out of breath at the end...I need to find some new workout music too...anyone have any music just doesn't seem to be upbeat enough.

Tomorrow is going to be the hardest day yet...we will see if I can accomplish it all...wish me luck!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Funday!

So I woke up this morning...11am is still morning right?...and I was so arms, abs, and legs...holy heck I think Crossfit kicked my booty! So then I took a look at the agenda today = 50 min run! Ahh!! The most I have run in the past few years is like 35 min at a time, so this was going to be a challenge. I am pretty sure I ran at a snails pace but I ran a continuous 50 min and did not walk at all! Go me!!! Tomorrow is suppose to be a day off from swim/bike/run training so I might schedule a massage and I still might go to Crossfit but we will see.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Morning and Crossfit

Well yesterday I did my swim workout which consisted of 100 easy - 1000 continuous - 100 cool down. Pretty basic but man it feels so great to be back in the water :)

Today on the other hand was a challenge. I had a late night last night, getting to sleep around 3 am...woke up at 7am to try Crossfit for the first time! Crossfit is amazing and I cannot wait to join in full force Monday. I can't even tell you how awesome it is! I might not be saying after I attend a whole week but we will see. I am definitely going to be sore tomorrow. Crossfit was a great hour workout then after that I went and rode my bike 45 min. It was suppose to be 80 min but the person I rode with couldn't go that long. 45 min is better than nothing though :)

A little more on Crossfit...our WOD today was Chelsea...which is pull-ups, push-ups and squats. I did 3-5-5 every minute for 10 min. There was more than that but it was just a first day try it to see if you want to continue class...I will be continuing!!

Most productive Saturday, fitness wise, in a long time!! I am feeling very good about myself right now for still doing all that on such little sleep! I will not be making only 4 hours of sleep a regular thing though.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week 1 is Underway

I am a little late on starting this whole blog thing. I started training for a triathlon Monday (2/14), Happy Valentines Day to me. I am following a 16 week program and this is my attempt to stay accountable. I will have before pictures too. So here is what I have done so far.

Monday (2/14) Swam 950 yards - 200 yard warm up - 6 x 50 (25 drill, 25 swim) Drills = L arm, R arm, catch-up - 4 x 50 kick with board - 3 x 50 kick on side - 200 cool down

Tuesday (2/15) Ran 35 min = 3.3 miles!!!

Wednesday (2/16) Swam 1100 yards - 200 yard warm-up - 4 x 75 (25 swim, 25 drill, 25 swim) Drills = catch-up, zipper, fist, sculling - 2 x 50 kick with board - 2 x 200 - 100 cool down
                              Bike 45 min on spin bike (working on high cadence)

Thursday (2/17) Ran 35 min = 3.3 miles!!!

So far so good, my legs are really sore though. Luckily Friday is only a swim workout, so it will be like a recovery day. Also coming up Saturday, I am trying out CrossFit...more to come!