Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wow Wednesday!

I woke up early this morning and have been like the energizer bunny. Getting up early has this weird way of making more productive time in your day, or at least mine. I had to take my brother to school this morning...then my day really started! Crossfit, swim, bike and work!!! It makes me tired thinking about everything I did today.

Let's start with Crossfit...I did my first WOD today! Spent the first 25 min figuring out 1 rep max of overhead squat---I did a wimpy 55lbs...but hey for my first time I wasn't disappointed! Then after that we had to complete 105 overhead squats...I did mine with 45 lbs for the first 15 and 30lbs for the last 90. The catch to this was everytime you brought the bar down from overhead position you had to immediately run 400m. I am not sure how many times I had to run but I completed the WOD in 21:01...I was pretty excited! Mostly that I was able to do 105 because to be completely honest...I had no idea I could even do one.

So after crossfit I went to my other gym to swim and bike.

My swim workout was 1200 yards.
     300 warm up
     6 x 50 drill/swim
     2 x 50 kick with board
     4 x 100 swim RI = 10 sec
     100 easy cool down with 50 backstroke

Then I finished up on a spin bike for 45 min focusing on a high cadence :)

Then I was off to work!

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