Friday, April 8, 2011

Finally Friday!!

Today was Crossfit Bootcamp Day 3 :) It was hard!! We warmed up with 10 min of hill sprints, sprint up the hill and jog down....was hard for a warm up!! Then came the real torture, but it was awesome, yes I know that probably makes me sound sick and twisted! For 30 min straight: 400m on rowing machine, 100m Prowler sled push (with 70#) and 100m sandbag run...I did 4 complete rounds and the 400m row and 50m of the Prowler sled push :)

After Crossfit, I grabbed some yogurt and headed off to the gym to get my swim in. It did not feel well at all to start with!! I was so tired from bootcamp, but I did get my swim in in like 40 min so I was happy! It was a double ladder workout (100, 100, 200, 200, 300, 300, 400, 400) and then 100 cool down so 2100 total yards! As I got further along in the workout it felt a lot better, I was starting to feel looser in the water and was gaining momementum on my 300 and 400 swims. I felt great afterwards!

Hoping the weather is gorgeous this weekend so I can enjoy biking and running outside :)

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