Thursday, March 31, 2011

The start of this week wasn't great at all...and as it is now Thursday, it hasn't gotten any better. I skipped Tuesday...just too much going on and yes I know excuses excuses. Wednesday I did my swim workout and Crossfit....Crossfit is freaking awesome! I learned how to do a power clean, and while its not perfected by any means I can do them! 

Swim 1800 yards
             400 warm-up
             8x 50 drill/swim (drills=L arm, R arm, Zipper, Catch-up)
             2 x 100 pull (buoy and paddles)
             5 x 100 swim
             4 x 50 kick with board
             100 cool down

Crossfit Warm-up 20 burpee pull-ups
               Strength - find 1 rep max on power cleans...I did the 45# bar :)
               Conditioning WOD
                         15 min AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
                                          9 dead lifts (using 45# bar)
                                          12 hand release push ups
                                          15 box jumps
I completed 5 rounds + 6 DL...I felt pretty good about it considering I had only done Crossfit once before and it was like a month ago. It was tough though, those hand release push-ups, I really wanted to just lay on the floor. And the box jumps, I am glad I used the shortest box, if not I wouldn't have made it. When I woke up this morning, my whole body was sore, but the good sore :) I am planning on doing Crossfit again tomorrow morning as well as my other workout stuff. This evening I will be doing my run for 50 min, let's hope I can stay mentally tough for it, that has been hard lately with everything else going on.

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