Saturday, February 26, 2011

Almost through my 2nd Week :)

I am so happy that I have almost made it through my second week of training...doesn't seem like much but it is a milestone. I had intended to go to crossfit today but my body was telling me differently so I decided to just do my swim workout.

1300 yards
100 warm up
100 swim
r 10s
200 swim
r 10s
300 swim
r 10s
500 swim
r 10s
100 easy cool down with 50 breastroke

The swim was pretty easy although my shoulders did feel pretty sore when I was in the water. It was a fast workout and I really enjoyed that. I have had such a busy week and this weekend doesn't get any better. Hopefully I can stay on top of my training this weekend and get everything else done too!!

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