Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh boy....less than a week!!

So behind on blogging again...

Friday (4/22) was crossfit again and it kicked my ass!!! I can't even remember everything we did but it was something like this: 800m row
             2 min plank hold
             300 jump rope
             2 min weighted squat hold
             10x sprints
             2 min weighted wall sit
             40 box jumps
             2 min spiderman hold
             20 push presses
             2 min overhead bar hold
I might have left out a few and not have them in the right order but it was something to that effect. It was hard...the squat hold and wall sit were the hardest holds for me. We also did some ab work before and that was horribly performed by me...so I need a lot more work still.

I went out of town for Easter and I enjoyed the time off and so did my body!!
Monday was a rest day for a multitude of reasons...I drove home from St Louis Sunday evening and was a little past Marshfield when I witnessed a wreck that claimed the life of a one person. It was absolutely horrible. I stopped to help and this greatly delayed me getting home. I didn't get home until 4 am so Monday morning I needed to sleep in...waking up at 11 was hard enough let alone trying to workout or anything.

Tuesday (4/26) 30 min spin bike :) Will be taking it easy this week as I have a Sprint Tri this Sunday...ahh!!! Its less than a week away...I don't feel strong enough yet and I wonder how I ever completed it two years ago with hardly any training...must have had age on my side haha! I am just hoping to finish it and not have to walk on the run!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Working two jobs plus training and trying to do Crossfit....well it is really starting to catch up with me. I have been missing a few more workouts then I would like but I still feel like I am doing well.

Monday (4/18)
I was suppose to Crossfit today, however it was just not happening this morning.....at all!!! I did manage to get my swim workout in after work though.
Swim workout = 2100 yards :)
         200 warm-up
         6 x 75 bilateral breathing/drill/swim (L arm, R arm, catch-up)
         3 x 50 kick with board
         5 x 200 swim (R15) averaged under 3 min for all 5
         200 cool down

Tuesday (4/19)
Ok a total day off....I worked 13 hours...and then work was just horrible....ran my but off and was so exhausted I had no energy left....no run today :(

Wednesday (4/20)
YAY!!!! I made it to Crossfit today!!! I was not however this ecstatic after the WOD.

Originally it was 10 rounds of :
     10 KB swings (25#)
     10 burpees
     10 thrusters (my first time ever doing these) 45# bar
     10 Gladiator push-ups
I think Mary (my CF coach) so how much all of us were struggling so she turned it into a 30 min AMRAP...I was 10 Gladiator push-ups short of completing 6 rounds! I really struggled with this WOD today, more so than any other day at Crossfit! It was mentally and physically taxing! I have been so tired this whole week and I am starting to think I might be getting sick...but I am trying to keep pushing on while at the same time listening to my body. I decided to take the evening off after work to come home and relax and hopefully get to bed early to see if that will help me out.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jello Legs!!

Today could not be described by any other words besides: JELLO LEGS!!!!

I was more sore this morning from Wednesdays bootcamp then I was yesterday! But alas I headed out this morning to do more Crossfit. One thing I have learned from Crossfit...is that there is no such thing as a warm-up. Warm-ups are just as hard as the WODs are, either that or I am just that out of shape!

So today's warm-up was 200/400/600 meter row x 2 The second time through had to be faster than the first times or else we had to do 10 burpees as a penalty. BURPEES=SUCK!!! The rowing wasn't easy by any means but I was able to beat all of my previous sets times so no extra burpees for me thank goodness!!

Now for the main set... 20 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
                                            10 wall balls (using 6# ball)
                                            10 burpees
                                            10 jumping squats
This WOD was soo hard, extremely tough on my legs especially after the rowing warm-up! I completed 5 full rounds in 20 min :) I was exhausted but mostly pleased with how I did...I know on some of the rounds my burpees could have been done faster but it was a struggle...I did pretty well with the wall balls and jumping squats. Then after the 20 min we were back on the rowers...this time the distances were 100/200/300 meters for time x 2 rounds. Once again the second rounds times had to be better then the first round, there was no way I was doing penalty burpees to end the day so I rowed my ass off! And it definitely felt like it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Oh gosh! I am so busy still that I forget to blog about my progress...ugh! Ok so Saturday I played hooky from my bike workout...I needed a day off badly! But no worries because I paid dearly for it Sunday on my attempt at an 8 mile run...it was awful!! I ran the first 4 at about an 11 min/mile pace...the last four was a completely different story...after mile 6...the walking began and I walked the last 2 miles. Despite the walking though, I did complete 8 miles in an hour and a half...so at least I got off my butt and did it right? That's what I keep telling myself at least!

This week is week 8 and is geared to be a recovery week...which I couldn't be happier about. Although there is nothing recovery about Crossfit Bootcamp sessions.

Monday was yet another bad day...I overslept...scratch that I WAY overslept. I didn't wake up until 1145, lucky for me I didn't have to be at work until 1230 that day, but I did miss Crossfit Bootcamp. I couldn't believe it, I think my body needed the rest...I am guessing I turned off my alarms instead of snoozing them. Hopefully that doesn't become a trend. Luckily though, Monday was my day off so I didn't have to so any working out after work. I forget whats it like to get off work and just come home, I kind of miss those days.

Tuesday  was 30 min run...piece of cake right?! Ugh I wish it were easy...even 30 min runs are hard for me. I don't even know if its mental or physical at this point...I think it is a combination and the run portion of my half iron man is starting to really make me nervous.

Wednesday- A good day!! Finally!!! I felt like I dominated Crossfit Bootcamp even though it killed me! We started with a warm-up 800m run followed by some ab work and 15 air squats. Then we were suppose to do AMRAP of 400m backwards run, 30 KB SDHP (sumo dead lift high pulls) using 25# KB, 20 pull-ups (mine were jumping pull-ups) and then 40 mountain climbers (where left and right leg = 1). I made it through 4 complete rounds :) The best person made it 4 and a half rounds (some guy that's in the evening group bootcamp) so I was pretty pleased with myself. It was hard though but I loved it! Then after work I did my swim of 1100 yards (I know to all my swimmer friends this is so wimpy). 200 warm-up, 8x 50 (drill/swim) drills were L arm, R arm, catch-up and zipper, 2 x 50 kick with board, 4 x 50 pull with paddles and buoy, and 200 cool down. The swim was nice and easy and I really pushed it on my 50's kick and 50's pull.

Well I really need to get the chlorine out of my hair and get some sleep. I have a 13 hour work day tomorrow and a bike workout to do.....

Friday, April 8, 2011

Finally Friday!!

Today was Crossfit Bootcamp Day 3 :) It was hard!! We warmed up with 10 min of hill sprints, sprint up the hill and jog down....was hard for a warm up!! Then came the real torture, but it was awesome, yes I know that probably makes me sound sick and twisted! For 30 min straight: 400m on rowing machine, 100m Prowler sled push (with 70#) and 100m sandbag run...I did 4 complete rounds and the 400m row and 50m of the Prowler sled push :)

After Crossfit, I grabbed some yogurt and headed off to the gym to get my swim in. It did not feel well at all to start with!! I was so tired from bootcamp, but I did get my swim in in like 40 min so I was happy! It was a double ladder workout (100, 100, 200, 200, 300, 300, 400, 400) and then 100 cool down so 2100 total yards! As I got further along in the workout it felt a lot better, I was starting to feel looser in the water and was gaining momementum on my 300 and 400 swims. I felt great afterwards!

Hoping the weather is gorgeous this weekend so I can enjoy biking and running outside :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Crossfit Bootcamp Day 2

Wednesday (4/6)
     Crossfit Bootcamp Day 2 :)
     Warm-up = sprint run work and KB swings
      30 min non-stop:
            1 KB swing (20#)
            1 pull-up
            1 burpee
        then 2 KB swing, 2 pull-up and 2 burpees....3 KB swing, 3 pull-up and 3 burpees.....etc until 30 min is up.
       I completed 14 rounds which is equal to 105 reps of each...for a total of 315 reps!
       Swim = 2050 yards
       200 warm-up
       8 x 50 (drill/swim) L arm, R arm, Fingertip Drag, Catch-up
       5 x 50 pull with buoy and paddles
       8 x 100 swim (each one 1:30 or under...R10)
       6 x 50 kick with board
       100 cool-down backstroke
       Bike - spin 25 min high gears low cadence

Felt really good about todays workouts :) Definitely one of the toughest workout days I have had in a long time...possibly ever!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Crossfit Bootcamp :)

Sunday (4/3) Ran 6 miles in 75 min....averages out to be 12 min/mile..would like to get that faster but it was 80 degrees and windy!

Monday (4/4) Crossfit Bootcamp Day 1!!! 
                       2 min at each station x 3 rounds....2 min rest between each round
                       Round 1 (154 reps)
                       Round 2 (141 reps)
                       Round 3 (77 reps...only 1 min at each station)
                       Air Squats
                       Push-ups (on knees)
                       Box Jumps (2nd round did step ups instead of jumps)
                       Wall Balls
Crossfit Bootcamp is going to kick my ass and hopefully my body will start changing too :) I really pushed myself today....my legs were still sore from running 6 miles yesterday but I made it through! Swimming tonight and then Running tomorrow.....Crossfit Bootcamp Day 2 is Wednesday :)